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Cnn aired 30 of porn

a local cable TV provider based in New Jersey that provides CNN's broadcasting all down the. They said there had been no similar reports of pornography shown on CNN. CNN released an initial statement on Friday that addressed the controversy. It's not immediately clear if the incident was a simple mistakethough it's hard to imagine how getting porn on air would be simpleor if it was the work of a rogue individual. The X-rated gaffe was gleefully shared on social media after the raunchy fare, featuring adult transsexual film star Riley Quinn, appeared at.m. Barbara Levin of CNN International's statement was more to the point: "Despite media reports to the contrary, RCN assures us that there was no interruption of CNN's programming in the Boston area last night.". "The RCN cable operator in Boston aired inappropriate content for 30 minutes on CNN last night. In fact, the SVP and General Manager of RCN Boston hit up the.

Cnn aired 30 of porn: The porn movie, according to the user, went on for at least 30 minutes.

The viewer tweeted during the blunder: 'This wasn't scrambled channel porn, this was hilariously high def b*t sex.'. A CNN viewer tuned in on Thanksgiving night expecting to watch Anthony Bourdain's 'Parts Unknown' - but was apparently met with a half hour of porn instead. The region's cable provider, RCN, ultimately reached out to the Twitter account to confirm that they had not received any similarly porn-themed reports from other users in Boston: As, bGR noted in their report, dismissing this accidental CNN porn broadcast as just another viral prank. Later in the day, the network released another statement that claimed there may have been no porn on the network. The only thing that spared CNN from even greater embarrassment is that the "error" was confined, and according to the Independent's report, only viewers in the Boston are experienced the "mistake" on Thursday night as one viewer voiced her concerns on Twitter. We've confirmed that this one customer's account is in proper working order.'. Did anyone else with RCN in Boston see the hardcore porn that was broadcast by CNN by mistake? Rob Mulligan, who identifies husband and wife hot sex butt porn himself on Twitter as a stand upper, voice actorer and food scientister, sarcastically remarked: You wont believe what they aired instead of Mike Rowes Dirty Jobs. Following this years Thanksgiving dinner, a lone Twitter profile alleged that CNN was serving up something difficult to stomach a half-hour of hardcore pornography. 'I can tell you that it's real she added. . "I initially posted because I wanted to see if anyone else in Boston had been affected she said.

She first saw.30 pm, watched something else, and kept checking periodically until the channel blacked.CNN aired porn in the Boston area last night are false.

CNN accidentally airs 30 minutes of hardcore porn

Please let me know. Independent, both CNN and RCN are denying the reports CNN admitted to  that they aired inappropriate content for 30 minutes on Thanksgiving in Boston. We want to get the details correct, given Breitbarts high editorial standards. But CNN is confirming that inappropriate content aired in the statement"d here. Covington, and Stelter, didnt reply. Breitbart News sent CNN spokeswoman Emily Kuhn a link to the. Even pornography websites like Brazzers mocked CNN for it, saying that airing such pornography would amount to the least offensive thing the network has done in the last year. Reliable Sources for comment. Variety magazine, the.K. Will anyone be held accountable?

The Boston viewer later switched her Twitter account to private (pictured saying she had received inappropriate messages after airing her claims.

25: "Despite media reports to the contrary, RCN assures us that there was no interruption of CNNs programming in the Boston area last night." CNN also noted to us that while many media outlets referred to the network airing the footage, the CNN feed. The company said after later review that the Boston viewer appeared to be the only one affected. The Verge contends it was the.K.s, independent, which was then sent out. She defended herself against accusations of fabricating the story. 'I think it was a broadcasting error that affected only my house.'. Media accounts appear to have spread based on the same information, despite no other reported complaints to the cable provider. Screenshots of her own Twitter feeds, seen by the m, show several additional pictures of her screen with the pornographic movie playing. ET: Watching porn is a much better way to spend one's time than, say, watching some. The user shared several images with TiVo digital programming information included, tagging from Boston-area cable provider RCN.

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