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Buzzo's past with severed paws and his obsession with severing Brad's arms, it is likely that arm amputation may be a trauma-induced

Lisa the Painful RPG, a game about survival, sacrifice, and perverts. He then reluctantly gives the order to kill Brad's party. Lisa was superior to Buzzo. 3 Buzzo is of european descent. I'll check up on you soon. His status as a greenbelt implies that he was more advanced than the other students, perhaps related to his immense power as shown when you attempt to fight him.

Lisa the joyful porn: Lisa the painful lisa the joyful lisa rpg buddy armstrong Brad Armstrong lisa armstrong lisa mak s art fan art artists on tumblr every time I m reminded of this game I have to draw fan art for.

Sometime before or after the, white Flash, Buzzo and his gang were employed. 4 Lisa both loved and used Bernard. Click here to see them. Lisa gave Bernard the name Buzzo. Many members of Buzzo's gang have lost one or two of their arms, and judging by control Buzzo's past with severed paws and his obsession with severing Brad's arms, it is likely that arm amputation may be a trauma-induced, nonsexual fetish for Buzzo. How to tag spoilers: Spoiler s "Scroll down! During the Pain Ending, he mentions that Buddy would have been "a huge asset with the women." This could suggest that maybe Buddy isn't the last girl alive. Because of Lisa using him like a dog, his name could also be a reference to the Saint Bernard dog breed. Still wonder: did lisa and buzzo ever have good times? Features: - Visible character sacrifices that effect your stats (removing arms, eyes, scratches) - Recruiting 30 new party members in towns and camps. During one of the possible post-ending dialogues in lisa: The Joyful, Bernard uses a buzzsaw to sever the paw of an unknown animal at Lisa's request. His gang seems to have an affinity for Joy, forcing many people to take the substance under the guise of making them happy. This may suggest that Buzzo holds immense, world ending power himself or controls a tool that can be used to end the world at his whim, or he may have just ended the world by killing Buddy.

Lisa shit that I did a while ago.Synopsis: Brad leaves his sister.Lisa in charge of watching his daughter, Buddy.

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This is implied to be Buzzo's hideout.

If Brad chooses to have three Party Members killed rather than having Buddy lose a nipple, Buzzo will tell him he is disgusting, and asks again. Expending party members in Russian Roulette for huge profit, but perma-death if they lose. During this time he also vents his frustrations on Brad; taunting his joy addiction and putting. Buddy 's life at risk simply to make him suffer. Olathe 's, joy trade and offers Joy to Brad on many occasions. Eventually she forces Bernard to mutilate her, so that she would no longer be attractive towards Marty. (You got some Joy!) Remember to take care of yourself. These choices permanently effect the game play. When asking Brad to take a tough decision, the first time he will demand the second Party member of the group and the fourth the second time. Let's cheer. 2 "Buzzo" might refer to feeling buzzed (under the high of drugs and can also refer to his history with buzz saws. Whether it's taking a beating for them, or chopping off limbs, or some other inhuman way.

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